Community Service

This year’s beneficiary of our love gift and support is an organization that caters handicapped, orphans and least fortunate children, called; “Atmabhrata Foundation.” We accumulated donations in cash amounted to 12.100,000 Rupiahs and boxes of school supplies from students and parents.They visited us last 8 December 2017 with group of children, their head, teachers and guardians. A short program was held at the lobby C. The Atmabhrata kids rendered song and dance numbers. Continue reading


Technology advancement inevitably affects many aspects of life and to be specific, education as well. John Paul’s School is not an exception; in welcoming this new paradigm, the school is going open to challenges, too, by the employment of computer-based Student Admission Test and Scholarship Selection Test. The computer-based advancement is meant to integrate all the school system inline that all school activites are well-recorded. Computer-based Admission Test started this academic year 2017 – 2018 for the students intake of academic year 2018 – 2019. The administration of the test of secondary level is centralized. Another is Scholarship Selection Test followed by best students from various schools; the online system was started on the academic year of 2016 – 2017. While technology application is common around the school, it provides new experience to candidates from other school, to prove that John Paul’s School is one step ahead for integrated school system.

Community Service at St. Albertus Church

Other than internal religious activities, the students are also involved in regular external school activities like taking part in St. Albertus church. Other than choir services both by Primary and Secondary students, the students are involved in being the hospitality ministers and liturgical arts of ministerson Ash Wednesday Mass. The Primary and Secondary students’ willingness to participate in serving in the church is amazing; how they really bring themselves among the other schools’ students and how they carry out the assignment really show their quality as true and obedient servants of the Lord.

Morning Prayer [Secondary]

Every morning Secondary students are having themselves moments of silence to raise praises and prayers to God. It starts with opening song, the chain of prayers: reciting the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father continued by saying John Paul’s II, pray for us. The Reflection is when one student reads the food for thought of the day; the good deeds, the motivating and encouraging words, the sharing of personal experience for the betterness of self and others. It is ended by singing closing song. Each class takes turn to lead the morning prayer which involves the singers, the prayer leaders and the music players. The moment of silence is meant to prepare the students’ minds and thoughts to go though the whole day, to express the gratitude of His gifts each and every day, and to grow in faith and characters, to train the students to offer the best of them to the Almighty God.

Open House 2017

Come and Join!

John Paul’s School kindly invite to our Open House on Saturday, September 16, at 8 am-2 pm.

Contact us: 081-1100-5040 or  081-1100-8787.

See you!

Chinese New Year

Xiong xi…….xiong xi…….

Gong xi fat cai….

PG-KG unit celebtared chinese new year on Friday, 3 February 2017.

On that day we had some competitions : colouring for PG and K1, artwork for K2, nursery mandarin song contest for all level :

PG : yi zhi ha ba gou

K1 : xong xi xong xi

K2 : shi shang zhi you mama hao

and the best costume for boy and girl from each level.

the event is opened by Wushu performance from primary 3-6.

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Vividly Celebrated Annual Tradition

by Vanness Valentino & Pasquale C. Sinaga

How do you, students and parents, celebrate Christmas? Have you heard about KARALAZA? Christmas is a joyful day for the Christians to celebrate Jesus’ birth. God sent His only son to the world to forgive people’s sin. Through this article you will find out more about KARALAZA.


The students’ committee of John Paul’s Junior and Senior High School, under the supervision of their lovely teachers, held an event to commemorate the joy of Christmas and New Year on January 6th, 2017. Given the theme ‘Rejoicing, Wishing and Believing’, KARALAZA –the name of the event –was a success. It was attended by the representative of JPS’s foundation, the secondary principal, teachers, students and some alumni.

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