JPS Live Performance at AEON

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, John Paul’s School held its Student Performance and Talent Show at AEON Mall, Jakarta Garden City.

All students from John Paul’s School, participated in this special event.
There were a few parents and staff that participated as well.

According to Mr. Mario N. Tamba, PGKG and Primary School Principal, the aim of the activity is to further
boost the confidence level of the students so that issues such as stage fear, not mixing with others,
command on language and many others are totally eradicated from an early age and further developed and
cultivated as they grow.

Although education assures that our students will attain quality standard and achieve success however,
the opportunity to discover their hidden talents, and supporting them, shows that their best interests
are at heart.

The main heroes in this event, are our students who have diligently practiced and prepared
for their performance. The student’s journey have been so far very exciting, along with our teachers and staff
who have put forth their best effort to search for those special qualities and talents of our students.

We would also like to thank our beloved and distinguished parents and our Parent Support Group who have
consented their tight schedule to share their time and talent with us. They have been very enthusiastic and
cooperative all through out
every moments of this wonderful function. To all of you, our outmost respect and gratitude.

We salute you!

Congratulations for the achievement on UNBK 2018

CONGRATULATIONS! Senior High School Students for their best achievement on UNBK 2018 Bekasi District and West Java Province

Bekasi District
Science – 2nd Place of 111 Schools
Social – 1st Place of 114 Schools
West java Province
Science – 9th Place of 1.696 Schools
Social – 8th Place of 2.331 Schools

Congratulations for Primary 4 students

Creative Maths Competition, February 17, 2019: Congratulations for Primary 4 students for being the 1st winner (Hilarius Jenson), the 3rd winner (Keira Nathania), and the top best ten (Gendazzle, Patricia, Callista)

Daycare Ceremony

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Open Registration : Monday, January 07.

Opening Ceremony : Saturday, January 19.