Happy New Year 2019

May this Year bring Love, Health, Peace & Joy throughout the New Year.

Happy New Year 2019.

Merry Christmas 2018

May the spirit of Christmas bring peace, The gladness of Christmas give hope, The warmth of Christmas grant love. Merry Christmas 2018.

Camping in Mandala Wangi, Cibodas

7th and 8th grader went to Puncak for their scout camp this year. John Paul’s School deliberately provides camp to bring students closer to nature. In this camping, students are educated to be independent, as this school also focuses their students for both students’ academic and non-academic.

Students started their camping on 10th October 2018 by spending about 3 hour drive in air force truck and arrived at the base camp at noon. As soon as we arrived, we got to enjoy our lunch they have prepared. We had several activities including recess and opening of the scout camp ceremony. Everyone directly walked down by the street for about 20 minutes towards Cibodas National Park and Cibodas Botanical Garden. There we looked at many things that were quite new to us and it turned out that there were many fascinating plants they grew for years and some grew for hundred years!

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Grades 9 & 12 Retreat 2018

Retreat is a common component of JPS tradition. This is the school’s way of bringing the graduating students closer to God, giving them the opportunity to reflect and to meditate. It also provides students the chance to develop a better image of themselves, to build relationships with others and to grow spiritually. The students step away from their daily school routine in order to be redirected and re-grounded with regards to what is most important in their lives.

For this year’s retreat, the Grade 9 students went to Wisma Lestari in Cikanyere, Bogor while the Grade 12 students went to Rumah Retret Puspanita in Ciawi, Bogor for three days (10-12 October). Both retreat centres are very nice and are in tranquil locations providing students a peaceful environment that supports meditation and spiritual growth.

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Leadership Training 2018

For four days, October 9-12 John Paul’s School Grades 10 and 11 students went to Gunung Bundar for their leadership training. With the theme ‘Stand Up and Lead’, this four-day training aimed to develop students’ skills and potentials to become responsible, confident, active and caring leaders of tomorrow.

The whole leadership training module was packed with activities that were challenging, empowering, energizing and fun while at the same time exhausting. Captain Andrian and his team led the training with seven JPS senior high teachers. During the training the students were taught Group Dynamics and Teamwork, Group Formation, Survival Skills, Navigation Skills as well as Nationalism. Exciting and thrilling activities such as Mountaineering, Mountain Trekking, Night Trekking and Bonfire were also experienced by the students. One very memorable experience that the students had was when they were taught how to survive in case they were attacked by snakes.

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Apollo Cup 2018: The Exoneration

For the second time this year the students’ committee of JPS senior high school has proven that with cooperation, teamwork and hard work, everything is possible. Indeed, the Apollo Cup this year was better than the last. It had been a week-long celebration involving sports and talent competitions. The committee chose the theme ‘The Exoneration’ to signify freedom of expression of one’s talent and skills.

The Cup was formally opened on Saturday, 29th of September. A simple yet a very meaningful opening ceremony was held at JPS Gym A. In attendance were the coaches, teachers, athletes and participants of the different competitions and of course JPS teachers and students. Mr. Alfonsus Harjono, principal of JHS and SHS formally opened the cup and led the releasing of the ceremonial balloons.

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Cooking Class

It is believed that one of the best ways to learn about a culture is through its food; as every culture has its own characteristics, so is its process of creation. Cooking Class as an extracurricular activity is a home to those who are willing to learn how to satisfy hunger through palatable dishes.

Cooking as a daily-life activity is one of life-skills students must-have because everyone needs food at various time and one simply cannot always rely on others to meet the need. The cooking class can also be a means to cultivate the students’ interest of future career. This basic is education to be directed towards students’ fullest potential.

Bible Camp and Retreat

Another activity in relation to encourage inner-selfdevelopment is The Bible Camp. The activity lasted for three days in Shekinah Village, Bogor. Entitled “To Be A Mirror of God through Himself and Others”, Grade 7 and 8 followed the activity enthusiatically. Interesting events like reading the Bible, having holy Eucharist, watching movies, dancing and singing and also having some plays and games. It is expected by following this Bible Camp the students are able to direct themselves in achieving their best in life, as to be able to make peace with themselves in times of troubles, to be part of the solutions instead of Continue reading

Open House 2018

You are invited, please join with us!
8 September 2018 at John Paul’s School.